Misai Kucing - Orthosiphon Stamineus

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This is the flower of an herbal plant called Orthosiphon Stamineus, locally known in Malaysia as Misai Kucing. While in Malaysia I bought a box of the tea because one of the benefits of the tea is that it is a safe and effective diuretic.

Unfortunately for me, drinking the tea daily, at least a couple of times a day, causes constipation! eek

Another reason why I like drinking the tea is that it is has some sugar lowering properties and because I am concerned about diabetes, a disease that runs in my family, a daily dose of the tea should help keep my sugar level where it should be.

Maybe I should drink the tea every few days instead of daily?

Ugly Age Spots

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I was just thinking about what to do with the age spots that were beginning to appear on my hands, when I heard a commercial on the radio about a product that was supposedly effective in getting rid of age spots.

Don't ask me the name of the product because I can't remember, and don't ask me if it is effective because I don't know either.

I began to read up on what some of the treatments were, from home remedies to laser treatments. A West Palm Beach plastic surgeon recommends a hydroquinone cream like Obagi.

I'd never heard of Obagi before, but if it is as good as claimed, I should seriously look into it. I also came across a recommendation from a forum participant, an Estee Lauder product called Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum. I looked up the price of this Estee Lauder product, and boy, is it expensive!

But if a product works, I'd be willing to spend a little more than I normally would! mrgreen

Living with hot flashes

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I don't know why it was that I put up with three weeks of sleepless nights! I turned on the air-conditioning every night in my bedroom (actually one of the bedrooms in my parents' home!), yet I felt hot and uncomfortable at various times of the night.

After three weeks I had had enough of the sleepless nights, and turned the temperature lower, by three degrees! Lo and behold, the hot flashes that occurred during the night also reduced! And to think all I had to do was turn the temperature on the air-conditioner a little lower and I would have slept a lot more soundly! evil

Dang it!

Oh well, you live and learn! mrgreen

Oregano Oil and Bio D-Mulsion

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I love to add oregano flakes in some of my cooking and salads and this is the first I'd heard of
Oregano Oil and how oregano promotes digestive health and has anti-microbial properties among other things. The only thing about taking the oil orally is that it has to in a vegetable capsule. The oil itself cannot be put on the tongue because it is very potent and causes a burning sensation!

Recently I discovered through my reading about peri-menopausal symptoms, is that weight gain can be slowed down by adding Vitamin D and calcium to your diet.

Bio D-Mulsion is a product that has gone through a unique emulsification process which allows Vitamin D to be absorbed more readily into the body. Weight gain is something I am concerned about at this stage in my life, and adding Vitamin D and calcium are things that I need to look into and the more effective the absorption of the vitamin and minerals the better. I don't like staying out in the sun, and according to Mayo Clinic studies a Vitamin D deficiency is much higher than previously recognized!

Check out the oregano oil and Bio D-Mulsion at Oasis Advanced Wellness web site.

Tingling in the extremities

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I started taking vitamin B-12 and magnesium when I discovered that tingling in the extremities that I was experiencing may be caused by a vitamin B-12 deficiency. But like with all food supplements and vitamins that I purchased to "treat" whatever ailment that I thought I was experiencing, I am not very disciplined about taking them on a regular basis.

I started experiencing the tingling in my extremities again the last couple of weeks, and then I realized I had neglected to take my vitamin B-12 and magnesium tablets. Three days after getting back into the routine of taking the vitamin B-12 and magnesium tablets, the tingling sensation in my extremities are gone.

Based on that experience I am pretty convinced that I indeed had a vitamin B-12 deficiency. The other thought that crossed my mind, was diabetes. The same kind of tingling in the extremities can also be a symptom of diabetes. I had tested myself for diabetes a few weeks before that, and my fasting blood sugar was normal.

A deficiency in vitamin B-12 appears to be quite common in peri-menopausal women, and being in that stage of life myself, I am relieved that the tingling in my extremities has nothing to do with diabetes. Just your ordinary vitamin deficiency! Vitamin B-12 deficiency to be exact!

Electromagnetic Stimulation for Treating Depression

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Patients suffering from depression may find relief from treatments using electromagnetic stimulation, offering a possible alternative to mood-altering medications, a new study found.

The research, which was released on Monday, tested 190 patients who had previously failed to respond to antidepressant drugs.

Patients were given at least three weeks of magnetic stimulation. Scientists found that the treatment led to remissions for 14 percent of them, and that most remained in remission for several months.

The treatment, known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) offers future hope of a non-drug treatment for depression sufferers, although researchers said additional studies are needed.

"This study should help settle the debate about whether rTMS works for depression," said Mark George of the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, who led the research team.

Full AFP story here.

I say any treatment that doesn't involve drugs is always good.

I've never had to live with anyone with depression but I do have a friend who has exhibited symptoms of depression. She's never had the symptoms diagnosed by a doctor but I guess it is not serious enough to require treatment. For her, what helped was for her to be around people and to get herself involve with her children's activities and when she got a job, the incidence of the "blues" was dramatically reduced.

The electromagnetic stimulation therapy suggested in this article seems very promising. People don't always respond positively to the mood-altering drugs, and for some it is more a trial and error before they find the drugs that help them with their depression.

Added to the fact that there is no drug involved in this treatment, is that it does not involve any invasive procedure. Just a 37-minute session of 3,000 pulses emitted from an electromagnetic coil, at a doctor's office with few side effects.

If I were suffering from depression I'd want to try this treatment over any drug to treat my problem.

How to stop a nose bleed

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This morning I had a nose bleed. It has been several weeks since the last nose bleed. My nose tend to bleed when the air is dry and last night seemed to be drier than it has been. I woke up some time during the night with a very dry mouth.

So far this year, and much of last year, the incidence of nose bleed has been quite infrequent. Unlike the previous years where nose bleeds were a common occurrence. I have to be extremely careful when I wash my face and when I wipe it dry. Too much rubbing may trigger a nose bleed. When that happens, I tend to believe (not that I am absolutely certain!) the membrane inside the left nostril must be pretty thin.

Anyway, I have learned the correct and effective way to stop a nose bleed. When I follow the following steps, the nose bleeds stop pretty quickly. Step number 6 really helps when the nose bleed is severe.

1. Pinch all the soft parts of the nose together between your thumb and index finger.

2. Press firmly toward the face - compressing the pinched parts of the nose against the bones of the face.

3. Lean forward slightly with the head tilted forward. Leaning back or tilting the head back allows the blood to run back into your sinuses and throat and can cause gagging or inhaling the blood.

4. Hold the nose for at least five minutes. Repeat as necessary until the nose has stopped bleeding.

5. Sit quietly, keeping the head higher than the level of the heart. Do not lay flat or put your head between your legs.

6. Apply ice (wrapped in a towel) to nose and cheeks.

Reference: How do you stop the common nose bleed.

Age Defying Creams and Serums

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dermajuv Skin Care Products. All opinions are 100% mine.


For a long time, I did not want to spend much on skin care products. I bought those reasonably priced ones from the pharmacy and was happy with the result.

But one day I was introduced to some skin care products that I had never heard of before, and the person who introduced them had such perfect complexion. Wow, I thought to myself, she is living proof that whatever she is selling works!

I was sold. I bought a whole set of the skin care and to this day, I have never regretted that decision.

Today's eye wrinkle cream is not like those that our grandmothers used. There is a science involved in the formulation and selection of the ingredients used in these eye creams and other skin care products, patented ingredients like Matrixyl® and Renovage ® that are found in Dermajuv's age defying creams and serums.

I think what every woman is looking for, when selecting skin care products, is something that works and proven by the visible improvement in their overall skin tone and appearance. The other thing that busy women look for, is something that is easy to apply and is not time consuming. After a busy day at work or dealing with family, nobody wants to spend too much time at the end of the day just so they can look young and beautiful!

Face masks and peels are great but they do take time, and I am not sure if they are as popular today as they were in the past. Like I said, most women want something uncomplicated, and something that works.

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Last night after dinner, we took our kids for ice cream at a popular ice cream parlor near our home. I ordered the same kind of flavor that I liked which is nutty coconut.

I love ice cream but the fact that I am lactose intolerant really limits the ice cream eating. A bummer, really. sad

Well, not that much of a bummer, if I remember to take a couple of tablets called Lactase Enzyme. With those tablets I can enjoy my ice cream and whatever digestive problem that normally comes from my eating dairy products is greatly reduced. I get my Lactase Enzyme and most other supplements from Wonder Labs because their prices are far, far cheaper than any retail store prices.

I forgot to bring my lactase enzyme tablets with me last night, but as soon as I got home I quickly swallowed two tablets. Except for a very slight gas problem, I felt fine, much better than if I hadn't taken the tablets at all. In other words, taking the tablets after eating the ice cream works far better than if I had imagined!

So if you are lactose intolerant like me, there is a remedy for it! You do not have to deny yourself the ice cream that you so crave! mrgreen

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

I just read about a stem cell therapy of rabbit fetus offered by European practitioners who claim that "rabbit fetal precursor stem cells" are effective in treating conditions like autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and aging. In the US, and in most countries, this therapy is illegal because its effectiveness is unproven and it could be potentially dangerous.

I am sure that desperately ill people will be willing to give this unproven treatment a try despite the potential danger.

Fortunately for us there are adult stem cell therapies, like bone marrow stem cells, that have been proven to be effective in treating leukemia and other types of cancer, as well as various blood disorders.

Another exciting and potentially effective adult stem cell therapy may come from menstrual blood. A 'Stem Cells and Development' article called Menstrual Blood Cells Display Stem Cell–Like Phenotypic Markers and Exert Neuroprotection Following Transplantation in Experimental Stroke, suggests that cells derived from menstrual blood may be a source of “individually tailored” donor cells that completely match female transplant recipients.

Another important aspect of stem cell derived from menstrual blood is that it exhibits "embryonic-like stem cell phenotypic markers (Oct4, SSEA, Nanog), and when grown in appropriate conditioned media, express neuronal phenotypic markers (Nestin, MAP2)".

Menstrual blood-derived stem cells that were transplanted in ischemic stroke induced adult rats, show that the neurostructural and behavioral benefits may support their use as a stem cell source for cell therapy in stroke.

With such demonstrable potential in menstrual blood-derived stem cell therapy, a company is offering a service called Célle to preserve, in their state of the art laboratory, a woman's menstrual blood that can be used for stem cell therapy if and when the need arises.

Presently, Célle is being offered at a $100 discount on the $499 retail price with a special limited time offer for collection, processing, testing and 1st year storage at $399, when you use coupon code CLSTR.

You can read more about C'elle in 'Medical News Today' and the potential benefits of stem cells derived from menstrual blood and how it may benefit in the treatment of stroke victims.

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The hazards of a tight little dress

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Pics  © Splash

Would you wear a dress so tight that you cannot even stoop or kneel to pick up something you'd dropped?

Kim Kardashian, reality star, and famous for her butt (tonggek butt, as we say in Sarawak) wore a dress so tight that she needed help from somebody to pick up the purse she'd dropped.

I wore a lot of short, and form fitting dresses when I was younger and ahem, much slimmer! mrgreen But I don't ever remember not being able to pick up anything from the floor wearing the tight little dresses!

The one thing I didn't have that Kim has so amply, are the big boobs and the big butt! Maybe that was why I never had any problem picking up anything from the ground wearing my tight dresses! wink

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

How come I never heard of the iLASIK Video Contest run by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO), a global leader in laser vision correction?

Who doesn't want to win $5000 in grand prize money? Not that I would be likely to win considering I don't have the creative ability to produce a winning video, but hey, it's fun to imagine winning that kind of cash!

The first and second place prizes of an HDTV package and Flip UltraHD™ camcorder on each of the three categories are enough reason for me to want to try producing and submitting a video though!

I just browsed through the videos of the just announced winners of the iLASIK Video Contest and was surprised at how well done they were. They were on message, that is, how improved vision greatly impacted their quality of life, creative and humorous at the same time. Each winner truly deserved to win.

You can view the winning videos at the sponsor's site and register to receive some valuable eye care products while there!

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Love the bling bling watches

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A friend showed off her newly acquired crystal studded watch on her blog. That set me drooling because I love, and am easily distracted by, the shiny and twinkling stuff! mrgreen

When I design and make necklaces, bracelets and ear-rings for myself, almost every design has some Swarovski crystals on them.

Today, I started browsing crystal studded watches at Amazon - just checking, is all. Of course there were several beautiful watches with Swarovski crystals on them. The best thing about that drooling over the watches at Amazon, was the discovery of some reasonably priced watches.

There were a couple of Swatch watches (a favorite brand of mine), Guess, and even Paris Hilton that caught my attention. I did not know that Paris lent her name to watches.

Should I or shouldn't I? Maybe on my birthday, I'll buy one for myself, and splash a little! mrgreen

Book: Raising a Father

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Raising a Father. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I are older parents. We sometimes worry if we will ever live long enough to see our two young children grow up and mature into adulthood. Because of that fear, our time with our kids are precious.

One of my husband's favorite phrases is, "The time to build a relationship with your children is now, when they are young, and not when they are already teenagers."

I can empathize with the author of the book, Raising a Father. Success in the corporate world means absolutely nothing when, at the end of the day, you come to the realization that you do not know who your children are, and in this author's case, his daughter.

His book is about his journey in the relationship-building with his daughter, about how he leaves the corporate world so he can build a home based company and spend more time with his young daughter, about how he tries to be the best dad that he can be, and about how in that journey it is his daughter who shaped him to become the best and successful dad that he is today.

I have not read the book but it does sound like, from the many positive reviews of the book, it is a book that my husband and I should read. I believe that having a good relationship with your child or children cannot be taught but rather it is something that needs to be practised and experienced.

That is why I feel Arjun Sen's book, Raising a Father, is very heartfelt and speaks very effectively and touchingly to its readers.

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Tech trouble related stress

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SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) – Crashing machines, slow boot times, and agony dealing with technical support have Digital Age people suffering from Computer Stress Syndrome, a study available online Tuesday found.

"Today's digitally-dependent consumers are increasingly overwhelmed and upset with technical glitches and problems in their daily lives," a communications industry think tank said in a report entitled "Combating Computer Stress Syndrome."

The report identified sources of peoples' pain as "frustrating, complex computers and devices, technical failures, viral infections, and long waits to resolve support issues."

Findings were based on a survey of more than 1,000 people in North America by a Customer Experience Board created by the Chief Marketing Officer Council to look into how to keep customers happy in the highly competitive communications sector.

"The reality is that numerous, persistent problems are troubling most computer users, creating unnecessary anguish and anxiety as a result," the study found.

"Digitally dependent users are getting fed up and frustrated with the current state of computer related stress, and clearly looking for a better way to address and reduce it."

Full story here.

Haha. I just had to laugh as I read this news story especially the comments left by the readers at the Yahoo news site. I can really identify with tech trouble related stress!

One commenter at the news site suggested, and I completely agree, the problem is mostly this: It's called something isn't going your way and it's stressing you out.

Last weekend, my iPhone crashed. I was in a hotel room with no access to the internet, and I could not restore the phone to its original settings. I was cussing and grumbling the whole weekend about the "stupid" phone. mrgreen

I borrowed my husband's iPhone and read whatever I could about finding solutions to the problem with the phone. Previously, I had cleverly followed all the instructions on how to jailbreak and unlock the phone, and restoring the iPhone to its original settings was going to make all my hard work disappear, not to mention the non-Apple applications that I had installed on the iPhone! That was added stress!

So are there better ways to address and reduce tech trouble related stress?

How about using less of the computer and any tech related gadget? A little hard when our life has become so dependent on these gadgets!

How about making better products that won't fail on us that frequently? Huh?

How about making tech support more friendly and more efficient? The kind that is available 24/7 and at our whim and fancy? mrgreen

Thank goodness, the iPhone was the only tech trouble I had to deal with in a long time, and the trouble with it wasn't that difficult to resolve. I did not have to call any kind of tech support.

Bad habits make you age faster

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CHICAGO – Four common bad habits combined — smoking, drinking too much, inactivity and poor diet — can age you by 12 years, sobering new research suggests.

The findings are from a study that tracked nearly 5,000 British adults for 20 years, and they highlight yet another reason to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Overall, 314 people studied had all four unhealthy behaviors. Among them, 91 died during the study, or 29 percent. Among the 387 healthiest people with none of the four habits, only 32 died, or about 8 percent.

The risky behaviors were: smoking tobacco; downing more than three alcoholic drinks per day for men and more than two daily for women; getting less than two hours of physical activity per week; and eating fruits and vegetables fewer than three times daily.

These habits combined substantially increased the risk of death and made people who engaged in them seem 12 years older than people in the healthiest group, said lead researcher Elisabeth Kvaavik of the University of Oslo.

The study appears in Monday's Archives of Internal Medicine.

Full story here.

Do I really need a study to tell me that bad habits can make you age faster? eek

I can see with my own eyes what smoking, too much alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle can do to a person's appearance!

It is worse in women! I have friends who smoke, and boy, do they look older than their age - the wrinkles on their face, way to much for their age, and their grandmotherly voice because of the smoking.

But then again, even without these bad habits, if you happen to possess genes that make you look older than your real age, you really are out of luck! mrgreen

Vitamins and Supplements

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of VitaDigest. All opinions are 100% mine.

Today, I came across an article from HealthDay News about how "selenium can help reset a cell's biological clock (circadian rhythm) after it has been thrown off by cancer-causing chemicals". I used to take selenium supplement and this positive news has renewed my interest in it.

I can't remember why I felt the need to take selenium in the past, but today's news about how disruption of the circadian rhythm can increase the risk of mammary cancer and how a simple dietary supplement like selenium can reverse this effect by restoring rhythm and reducing cancer incidence, is enough reason to start taking selenium again!

I am already taking vitamin B-12, magnesium, flax seed oil and evening primrose oil because I am experiencing peri-menopausal symptoms and these supplements are supposed to be beneficial in easing some of the symptoms like forgetfulness, fatigue and hot flashes.

I am happy to note that selenium supplement is available from VitaDigest, as well as the other supplements that I am taking. In fact, it offers over 13,000 vitamins, supplements, and other health products. That practically means anything you are looking for with regards to vitamins, supplements and health products can be found here. In fact, VitaDigest.com was awarded INC5000 for 2009 for being one of the top 5000 fastest growing company. Quite an achievement indeed!

Now, who doesn't like free shipping when ordering online? VitaDigest offers FREE shipping on all orders over $100! If you use coupon code “izb10jan” on your order today, you will get a 10% off which is good till the end of February! How's that for savings, eh?

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I received a catalog from Amazon in the mail yesterday. I did not know that Amazon even bothered with catalogs!

I do a lot of shopping at Amazon. The only thing is, my shopping is mostly limited to the electronics department and the books department! mrgreen I did buy a pair of boots in the shoe department one winter and that was it!

In the catalog that came in the mail yesterday, there were various cards with scents of the perfume that were being promoted. Oooooohhhh, everything smelled heavenly! I love perfumes! Maybe I should check out the deals on perfumes at Amazon!

Even though I love perfumes, I always want to get the best price before I buy any. Where can you get the best price other than at the duty free shops at international airports?! I never fail to buy a bottle (usually the largest bottle) of perfume every time I travel internationally.

But where do I go to compare the duty free prices against those at Amazon? Until I can be sure that Amazon prices are comparable to the prices at the duty free shops, I will hold off any perfume purchase from Amazon!

Purine in asparagus

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I just had a dinner of stir fried asparagus with shrimp. I love asparagus but I cannot eat it often. I found that twice a week of asparagus can cause pain in my joints especially in one of my hands. I can't say if I suffer from gout but eating too much asparagus does cause gout like pain! eek

It appears that asparagus contains concentrated levels of purine (uric acid is formed from the breakdown of purines). Cauliflower, chicken, liver, kidney beans, lima beans, mushrooms, navy beans, oatmeal, peas salmon, spinach, and tuna are also purine-rich foods.

As such, any one with gout arthritis needs to watch the amount of purine-rich foods.

On the plus side, where asparagus is concerned, there is scientific evidence that the consumption of asparagus can increase urine production. It is also a good source of dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B6, and several minerals.

In my case, continue to eat asparagus but watch the amount! mrgreen

Giving the memory foam mattress another look

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of SleepJoy. All opinions are 100% mine.

This past weekend, my family and I slept in rather comfortable beds at a fine hotel. It reminded me of what I was missing.

A soft, comfortable mattress.

Last year, I had some serious lower back and hip pain. A latex mattress did not help and neither did any of the cheap air mattresses. They only helped initially but the lower back and hip pain came back soon after.

While at an old car show that year, I met a lady who had a salon in town. At the show she offered a 12 minute back massages on a special massage chair. I told her about my lower back problem, the tense shoulders, which she could feel as she massaged me, and how I was on a quest for the perfect bed! She recommended that I put a memory foam mattress topper on my bed.

She told me to just get rid of the mattress, and just place the memory foam mattress topper on the hard bed. That was exactly what she was doing to ease her back pain. Getting a memory foam topper had not even crossed my mind. I was trying to avoid anything soft because I thought the soft mattress was the cause of all my lower back pain!

I ended up buying a rather hard mattress which worked really well with the lower back pain, but boy did I miss a soft and comfortable mattress as I was reminded from the weekend's stay at the fine hotel!

A hard mattress is not that bad if you are lying flat on your back, but when you want to lie on your side, a softer mattress is what you need! The 3” VitaTop layer of ViscoFresh enhanced memory foam from SleepJoy might work for me. It has medium firmness, and it is supposed to conform to my curve immediately. The fact that this particular topper is more breathable than an ordinary foam topper is an added plus!

I will have to give the memory foam mattress topper another look! I can still keep my hard mattress, and the topper can provide the softness I am missing!

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H1N1 Vaccination

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Have you heard of any new cases of the H1N1?

I have not heard of any new cases in the county that I am living in but I did hear that there were a few cases of the H1N1 in Malaysia recently. Involving deaths even. eek

Last year, at the height of the H1N1 disease, I was quite ambivalent about the dangers of the disease. I chose not to take the vaccination for myself and decided against vaccinating my children from the disease as well. There was too much unknown about the vaccine, and the manufacture of the vaccine seemed rushed, because of the fears of a pandemic.

We will be traveling to Malaysia in the summer, and I have always been the kind of person who imagines the worse when there doesn't seem to be any danger. You know the kind of person who thinks there's always some evil creature lurking under the still waters? Known dangers don't worry me, because they are known!

That's how I feel about the seemingly quiet H1N1 activity. It seems to me that, when you least expect it, it strikes!

That is why during the school spring break, the kids and I took our H1N1 shots. We were lucky the last time, but maybe not this time. Better to be protected than sorry, eh!

Improve your memory with vitamin B-12

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Trivita. All opinions are 100% mine.

For the last several months, I noticed that I had difficulty remembering things. I would forget the names of people, the names of things, and I struggled to complete my sentences because I could not remember the name of the person, or the thing I was trying to refer to while I was talking to my husband. I ended saying, "that thing", and of course my husband would ask, "what thing?"

I had no idea that what I was experiencing had to do with peri-menopause. It was while I was researching on the other peri-menopausal symptoms that I was experiencing that I came across information that forgetfulness was part and parcel of peri-menopause. Boy, was that a surprise!

Fortunately, there are vitamins and minerals that someone like me, who is going through peri-menopause, can take to help with the forgetfulness.

It is well-documented the positive effects of increasing vitamins B-12, B-6 and folic acid to one's diet. Positive effects like increased energy, improved memory, the lowering of the amino-acid homocysteine which has been linked to heart disease, and the relief from anemia.

I have started taking B-12 vitamin tablets but it does appear that the sublingual ones (dissolve under the tongue) are better absorbed into the bloodstream because they do not have to go through our digestive system!

Once I have used up the vitamin tablets I got, I will most definitely go for the sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid. No reason to not get the kind that goes to your blood stream directly and which works immediately! Get your box here.

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Chills or hot flashes

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I am so glad that the chills that I was experiencing are now gone. Probably the biggest factor is the warmer weather. Instead of chills I seem to be experiencing hot flashes more frequently during the night!

The only redeeming thing about the hot flashes thing is that it is quite short and even though I feel some sweat it is not really that bad. Let's say it is tolerable. I just sweep the covers aside and pull them back when I feel cool again.

I have started taking multi-vitamins especially the B12. The strange feeling I was experiencing in my legs or muscles seem to have improved since I started with the multi-vitamins.

I envy those who never experienced any of the symptoms before and after they reached menopause. On the other hand, I have read that there are others whose symptoms are lot worse than what I am going through. I should be thankful, at least for that! lol

Chills, a symptom of perimenopause

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Are chills one of the symptoms of perimenopause?

I had not considered that possibility till just now. eek I went online and did some googling and sure enough several women shared about experiencing chills during the tail end of their perimenopause.

The last several days, I had difficulty falling asleep because of chills. I had my electric blanket turned up, added an extra fleece blanket under the covers, and yet I could not feel warm. I was already wearing warm pajamas and socks to bed. Today, I removed the quilt top and replaced it with a comforter.

But the thing is, the last couple of hours before I get up in the morning, I start to feel too warm under the covers. That, however, is not new because the early morning hot flashes have been going on and off for the last four years.

I do not think adding the comforter to my bed covers is going to make a whole lot of difference. The chills do not have anything to do with the room being cold. It comes from within the body. It seems I will just have to put up with the chills till they pass during the night, or I get so tired that I fall asleep despite the chills.

Some of the perimenopausal symptoms that I am going through are not fun at all! evil