Last night after dinner, we took our kids for ice cream at a popular ice cream parlor near our home. I ordered the same kind of flavor that I liked which is nutty coconut.

I love ice cream but the fact that I am lactose intolerant really limits the ice cream eating. A bummer, really. sad

Well, not that much of a bummer, if I remember to take a couple of tablets called Lactase Enzyme. With those tablets I can enjoy my ice cream and whatever digestive problem that normally comes from my eating dairy products is greatly reduced. I get my Lactase Enzyme and most other supplements from Wonder Labs because their prices are far, far cheaper than any retail store prices.

I forgot to bring my lactase enzyme tablets with me last night, but as soon as I got home I quickly swallowed two tablets. Except for a very slight gas problem, I felt fine, much better than if I hadn't taken the tablets at all. In other words, taking the tablets after eating the ice cream works far better than if I had imagined!

So if you are lactose intolerant like me, there is a remedy for it! You do not have to deny yourself the ice cream that you so crave! mrgreen