Oregano Oil and Bio D-Mulsion

Posted by Puteri | 6/20/2010 07:49:00 PM | 0 comments »

I love to add oregano flakes in some of my cooking and salads and this is the first I'd heard of
Oregano Oil and how oregano promotes digestive health and has anti-microbial properties among other things. The only thing about taking the oil orally is that it has to in a vegetable capsule. The oil itself cannot be put on the tongue because it is very potent and causes a burning sensation!

Recently I discovered through my reading about peri-menopausal symptoms, is that weight gain can be slowed down by adding Vitamin D and calcium to your diet.

Bio D-Mulsion is a product that has gone through a unique emulsification process which allows Vitamin D to be absorbed more readily into the body. Weight gain is something I am concerned about at this stage in my life, and adding Vitamin D and calcium are things that I need to look into and the more effective the absorption of the vitamin and minerals the better. I don't like staying out in the sun, and according to Mayo Clinic studies a Vitamin D deficiency is much higher than previously recognized!

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